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Orvieto – “Urbs Vetus” -- ancient city as its name translates. Umbria’s City of Art. Italy’s verdant heart. A cradle of spirituality. For millennia, this imposing stone fortress has been a safe haven for communities and commerce. Etruscan artisans produced sculptures sold around the Mediterranean. It is believed that the famed “Mars of Todi” was forged in the kilns of Orvieto. Michelangelo and Medici, painters and Popes, have all marveled at Orvieto’s glistening Duomo, inspired by its unparalleled Renaissance mosaics, frescoes and glorious rose window set aflame in sunset’s glow. Here, upon this rock, artists and craftsmen have been inspired to create for thousands of years, and still do.

This is the place where in 1994, as the result of a lucky circumstance, Tiziana and Massimo Aloisio decided to move to find a renewed inspiration in an environment where the quality of life encourages creativity. Orvieto is where the couple gave birth to OROGAMI.

In October 1995, Tiziana and Massimo opened their first store, nestled in the historic quarter between the ancient churches of San Giovenale and Sant’ Andrea. In 2006, they expanded into their current home, steps away from Orvieto’s historic cathedral. OROGAMI’s classic studio at Via del Duomo 14/16 is a golden marriage of architecture and art. Its vaulted ceilings and tufa-hewn walls provide a warm and welcoming salon where customers encounter OROGAMI’s hand-crafted wearable art in a place resonant with history and laughter and the power of emotion. It is a special spot where jewelry gives rise to relationship: where friendships take flight and every transaction is a gift.

All of this is OROGAMI: much more than a boutique, rather an atelier. Here, Tiziana and Massimo work their unique brand of magic, where designs take shape with an empathy and synergy that makes every client a part of the creative process. While some stores deal in products, OROGAMI believes in experience, and the symbolic stimulation of every part of their collection.
Capri: Mythic island of dreams and imperial home for Tiberius Caesar. For hundreds of years, intellectuals, artists and savvy travelers have been drawn to this storied isle. Princes and potentates, Hollywood royalty, ministers of finance and couture clad models promenade through its cobblestone streets. Here dolce vita lives languidly aside the outrageous beauty of nature’s creations: the emerald waters of Marina Piccola and the mesmerizing azure of the famed “Blue Grotto.”

Here is where Tiziana and Massimo Aloisio escaped for many years, admiring the quiet fascination of a sunny winter’s day and the warm humanity of the island’s inhabitants. All of this led the couple to open OROGAMI’s second studio in 2017 on the vibrant Via Fuorlovado, just a whisper’s breath from the glamorous central Piazzetta where people watching is runway ready spectator sport. Tiziana and Massimo’s new showroom presents their world-class artistry to the fashionable yet fun international clientele for whom the island is renowned. Here, in another temple of artistry and friendly elegance, OROGAMI showcases its unique collections and Tiziana and Massimo share their enfolding philosophy and enriching spirit.
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