A jewelry art piece – be it a ring, bracelet, necklace, pair of earrings or cufflinks — is not simply something aesthetic but holds within itself the story, memory or emotion of the person that wears it. Designing and giving form to our clients’ requests is a fascinating challenge. Over the years, OROGAMI has interpreted these desires, creating exclusive jewelry whose forms and symbolism, have expressed the unique message with which each art piece was infused.

Our exclusive creations begin with your thoughts, idea or message, for yourself or for someone you care for. We give interpretative and tangible support to bring your wishes to life. Our experience in the art of combining materials and symbols makes this collaborative process, together with the client, smoother. In this way, together we create something unique that really only “lives” when it is worn.

It has been our pleasure to have helped celebrate and commemorate many special moments inspired by people’s wishes. By getting to know the person who will wear the art piece, through their passions and dreams, we have designed exclusive one-of-a- kind personalized, unique pieces, that infinitely express the emotion that inspired those feelings.